Found on the side of Hua Hin’s main highway with stinky and matted hair. He also was in starvation mode, Anaemia and Blood parasites. He needs to be sterilized and a monthly foster donor to put him in a safe shelter as it is to dangerous to return him to the highway.

Steve Tyler

Steve Tyler was found on the road after being run over by a car in a tropical storm. His Vertebra was fractured and he had a very expensive Surgery in Kasetsart Vet in September 2018. He is currently need of a place to stay with rehabilitation facilities and used to treating dogs that can’t walk and needs assistance with urinating.


Found on the street with a high fever, Mange and tick infestation so severe his skin was black from the ticks. Shui needs to continue treatment for severe blood parasites, extreme Anaemia and Mange. We would like to sterilize him before release back to the street where he lives.